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29 September, 2017

Issue 7


  • Personal, Social and Physical Education at SSIS

    Catherine Nicol, Elementary Principal

    At SSIS, our first core commitment is to the physical and emotional safety of our students. Last year as I talked to parents, students, teachers and our student support staff, I began to understand some of the unique opportunities that our students have at an international school setting in the 21st century, and also some of the special challenges that come with this. Having reflected on this, the Elementary School Team has decided to focus on the Personal, Social and Physical curriculum this year and how we can best support the well-being of our students.

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  • Parent Information Sessions and Events

    Carmen Murray, Early Years Coordinator

    In order to improve on our communication with our community you may have noticed the addition of our Parent Information Sessions that take place before an organsied event. The purpose of these is to ‘front load’ families with information to prepare them better for the event they are attending.

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