Student Welfare

SSIS has made a commitment to implementing an extensive pastoral care programme, recognizing that academic excellence is linked to student well-being. The pastoral programme is intrinsically connected to the school’s commitment to being an IB World School and the ethos of educating the whole child.


In the Elementary School, class teachers have the major pastoral care responsibility for the children in their class, working closely with parents to support and nurture their development. The classroom teachers do this by setting up an environment that identifies students as individuals and caters to their individual needs. The Elementary School pastoral care programme is structured by the IB Learner Profile and Attitudes which helps to foster positive behaviour. The IB Learner Profile attributes are recognised through classroom activities and during Assembly where ‘Golden Chair’ certificates are awarded to students who continually display the Learner Profile attributes.

In the Secondary School the Homeroom is the focal point of personal and social education in the pastoral care program. The Secondary Assistant Principal (Pastoral) works with the Heads of Grade, homeroom teachers and social emotional counsellors to ensure a safe but challenging learning environment where the Head of Grade and Homeroom teachers advise, guide and encourage the students in their care.

The pastoral program is delivered through daily 20-minute homeroom time and a 65 minutes class each week where students work through the areas of focus outlined in the table below. These focus points were designed collaboratively by the pastoral team and were informed by the International Model for School Counselling and the tenets of Mindfulness and Growth Mindset. Each focus block is designed to build on students’ social skills and competencies and to enhance student wellbeing. Teachers and students are supported by services such as the counsellors and learning support teachers.

In Grades 9 to 12 students attend one Wellbeing class each week where a team of student welfare specialists deliver a comprehensive program designed to meet the specific needs of senior secondary students. 

 1-6  Transitions
 7-12  Exploring Values: Digital Citizenship
 13-17  Learning to learn
 Balance: Health & Wellbeing
 25-31  Relationships
 32-37  Outward looking