Additional pastoral expertise and support at SSIS is provided by the School Counsellors who are always ready to help students or families in need.

Counselling services are available to any student enrolled at SSIS. Students may self-refer, meaning seek an appointment themselves, or be referred by parents, staff or other students.

SSIS Counsellors view counseling as a way of working together in a unique and confidential helping relationship, developed between a counsellor and the student. In this relationship, the counsellor acts as a facilitator to help the student to understand more accurately him/herself and the world around him/her. The counsellor and student explore the student’s feelings and behaviours, relationships with others, choices and decisions, as well as the student’s current situation.

Counselling usually takes place in the counsellor’s office where everything being discussed is based on the principle of unconditional positive regard and mutual respect. All conversations are confidential unless the student is in immediate harm. If a student is in immediate harm – that is hurting themself, hurting other people, or other people are hurting them - the counsellor is ethically and legally bound by the Counsellor’s Code of Practice to inform the necessary authorities.