Medical Clinic


 SSIS has a fully operational school clinic staffed by qualified nurses during the entire school day.

The nurses are able to administer first aid.  However, if the situation is serious enough to require other treatment, the student will be taken to the nearest hospital. If an accident or sudden serious illness occurs at school, every effort will be made to contact parents, but immediate treatment of the injured student is our first concern.

Should a child require medication during the course of the school day, the medication must be held and administered by the school nurse. Parents are encouraged to contact the clinic directly to discuss medication and medical concerns with the school nurse. The school nurse must be notified if a child is on short-term or long-term medication.

SSIS has insurance to cover an accident which occurs during school related activities. However, all medical fees and any other expenses shall be borne by the parents. Students are required to have effective health and accident insurance.


Renita Huang, Nurse

Waverly Li, Nurse

+86 (0)512 6258 8361