SSIS is committed to running a well-rounded cocurricular and extracurricular programme and offers a wide variety of lunchtime and after-school activities for students from Nursery through to Grade 12. Teachers, parents, and community members are welcome to join in to promote fun, social settings and learning communities for our students to meet others and try new experiences.

At SSIS we believe that a strong activities programme, as part of the IB curriculum, helps prepare students to both enjoy and be successful in life. Through involvement in the activities programme students learn lifelong skills that will help them succeed at university and beyond. Leadership, organisation, interpersonal, team work and a strong work ethic are some of the skills that our students learn through participation. Students, coaches, teachers, and parents all work together to ensure success for our students.

Activities are offered across the arts, sport, service, culture and language.

Activities generally run from 3:30-4:45pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons. In addition some activities offered by outsourced providers also operate on Saturday mornings. From time to time some sporting events may occur on a Saturday morning, or if a team is playing away in one of the league tournaments students in that team may be required to leave school at lunchtime to travel to play, returning late into the evening. Other clubs may operate during the 30 minute lunchtime or before school.

Activities are publicised in advance and vary with each season depending on availability of facilities and the skill sets of staff and the wider community. Activities are advertised in the Activities Handbook, through student notices and the weekly school newsletter, Dragons Den.


The success of our activities programme is dependent upon the expertise and dedication of our activities staff, including coaches and instructors and the spirit and network of cooperation that links this dedicated team of people. Parents, students and the wider community are invited to support, attend or offer activities. Please contact the Activities Coordinator, Katalyn Hu for more information.


Some activities are offered at no cost, while others may have a small cost to cover special resources. We also have a number of professionals who charge for activities such as, taekwondo, rugby and performing arts, including private music lessons and dance classes.


Katalyn Hu, Activities Coordinator

Scott Turner, Athletics Director


No events are currently available.