Arts, Music & Vocal

Tutor: William Magbuhat

I'm William. Music is my Life. I learned Guitar, Bass and Drums at a very young age. My love for music made me choose it as my profession. My purpose in life now is to share this passion not only with young kids, but with everyone who is willing to learn music. I have taught in many music schools in the Philippines for over 10 years and here in China I continue this passion having taught at SSIS for around 3 years as part of their music program.

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Suitable for: Grade 1 – 12 & Adult students welcome

Venue: SSIS Music room – BS216

Class Types: 30 minute lessons

1. Beginner Lessons (0-2 years experience)
  • Individual lesson (12 sessions: 2,160 RMB)
  • 2 student lesson (12 sessions: 1,320 RMB each)
2. Intermediate Lessons (2-4 years experience)
  • Individual lesson (12 sessions: 2,160 RMB)
  • 2 student lesson (12 sessions: 1,320 RMB each) 

Please note that 2 Student Lessons are only available where 2 students of similar ability can be scheduled successfully. We will contact you if any problems occur.

Day & Time of Sessions: Lessons will be held during school hours and/or directly after school between 3:30 – 5:00 pm. After registrations have closed we will advise students of their lesson schedule and music room. Elementary student lessons will typically be at a set time once per week. Secondary student lessons may be rotated to avoid affecting the same subject each week. To discuss the option of an out of school hours lesson please email

First Session: In the week beginning 20 February 2017

Other Cost & Things You Need: A drum kit is provided during lessons. For bass guitar you need to bring your own instrument. Please contact the instructor for instrument rental/purchase advice.


Transport: If your child has a lesson after school and they are in Grade 2 or above they may catch the 5:00 pm activity bus home. However please note this bus runs from Tuesday to Friday, but not on Mondays. Parents will have to provide transport home if their child has a Monday after school lesson. Students in Grade 1 or below cannot catch the bus and must be collected by parents.

Supervision/Obligations: Both Elementary & Secondary students should implement their own lesson reminder system, and so must remember and then make their own way to lessons. SSIS will ask instructors to promptly inform us if students do not arrive at their scheduled lessons.

For Elementary students who have not attended these music or vocal lessons before, an SSIS staff member will guide the student to their first lesson (showing them how to get to the music room).

For more information please contact:

Learning Hub Coordinator
+86 (0) 512 6258 8321