Fitness & Self-Defence

Kickboxing is a total workout for the body and mind. With its roots dating back more than 2000 years, the sport combines elements of karate, Muay Thai, and western boxing. Kickboxing provides many benefits, such as increasing your fitness, strength, coordination and endurance. It’s also a great activity for reducing and relieving stress, as well as learning some basic self defence techniques.

Kickboxing trainer Lee Stephens is a former Australian ISKA super welter weight champion. With almost 20 years’ experience in the sport, Lee has a passion for kickboxing that he enjoys sharing with young athletes. His classes vary from week to week, with focuses on different skills, techniques, combinations and drills.

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Suitable for: Grade 6 - Grade 12, Adults(including parents, teachers and staff)

Venue: SSIS Taekwondo Room

Maximum Class Size: 20

Class Types:

  • Grade 6-12: Fridays 3:45-4:45 pm (10 sessions: 1,100 RMB)
  • Adults: Thursdays 5:10-6:10 pm (10 sessions: 1,100 RMB)

First Session:

  • Grade 6-12 Class: Friday 24 February 2017
  • Adult Class: Thursday 23 February 2017
Download class schedule here    

Other Costs & Things You Need: Suitable work out clothes (NB shoes are not required), towel, water bottle. Protective gear (ie hand wraps, mouth guards) are recommended, and can be purchased online or through stores such as Decathlon. Approximate costs: hand wraps 30RMB, mouth guards 35RMB.


Transport & Supervision: 

  • Grade 6-12 class: There is 5pm activity bus home
  • Adult class: No bus transport provided. Participants must make their own way to and from the activity at the designated times.

For more information please contact:

Learning Hub Coordinator
+86 (0) 512 6258 8321