Many different types of sports are available to Secondary students.


Some of the sports are competitive and participate in various Suzhou-Shanghai and greater China leagues. Other sports are offered for students to develop their skills, explore different sports without needing to be at a competitive level. Training times for sport is generally after school from 3:30pm to 5:00pm in most instances, with some extra training that may occur at lunch times, or before school, in the case of swimming.

In previous years activities have included soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, touch rugby, track & field, tennis, handball, floor hockey, netball, water polo, chess, yoga, triathlon, taekwondo and gymnastics. (Please note that activities offered change from season to season and may not always be available.)

At SSIS we are proud to be a part of the following sporting leagues:

  • China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA)

"CISSA is a multi-inclusive sports organisation that emphasises involvement for all international schools and fosters individual and team excellence in a co-operative, friendly and enjoyable environment between all participating students" (CISSA Handbook).

Grades 3 through to Grade 8 student participate in this non-competitive league that includes other schools from Suzhou and Shanghai. CISSA is a great place for student athletes to learn the basics of their sport, meet students from other international schools and have fun.

  • Shanghai International Schools Activities Conference (SISAC)

"The SISAC mission is to provide season based sports competition and activity events in a well-chaperoned environment for students of international schools in the greater shanghai area" (SISAC Handbook).

SISAC, is CISSA's older brother. It serves Grades 9 to 12 and offers students opportunities to compete against schools in Shanghai and the surrounding areas in many different sports, with a focus on volleyball, basketball and soccer.

  • Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS)

ACAMIS is an international league serving Grade 9 to 12 students. With its home stay requirements and social aspects it is a great place for our student athletes to grow as individuals and improve their skills.

ACAMIS strives to:

  1. Give students the opportunity to experience new endeavours as scholar-athletes.
  2. Allow students to participate in sports.
  3. Allow students a safe environment in which to experience winning and losing.
  4. Allow students to experience the thrill of being a part of a team.
  5. Give students the opportunity to travel.
  6. Foster interaction with students from other schools, and develop bonds of friendship.