Many different types of sports are available for Elementary students through the After-School Activities programme.


Training times for sport is after school on a Wednesday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm in most instances, with some extra training that may occur at lunch times. In previous years activities have included ball handling skills, soccer, basketball, track & field, tennis, swimming, board games, table tennis, taekwondo and gymnastics. (Please note that activities offered change from season to season and may not always be available.)

At SSIS we are proud to be a part of the following sporting leagues:

  • China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA)

"CISSA is a multi-inclusive sports organisation that emphasises involvement for all international schools and fosters individual and team excellence in a co-operative, friendly and enjoyable environment between all participating students" (CISSA Handbook).

Grades 3 through to Grade 8 student participate in this non-competitive league that includes other schools from Suzhou and Shanghai. CISSA is a great place for student athletes to learn the basics of their sport meet students from other international schools and have fun.

  • Junior International Schools Sports Association (JISSA)

JISSA is a young organisation that offers opportunities to play competitive sports (Soccer, Basketball and Track and Field) for Elementary School Students (Grades 2-5) from schools within and around Suzhou.