Learning Resources

Learning Technology

SSIS is constantly growing in its technology initiative. The school provides wireless internet throughout and access to the latest technologies in classrooms. Teachers regularly undertake professional development in the application and implementation of technology across the curriculum.

At SSIS we are proud to be an Apple laptop school. This means that students use laptops on a daily basis in their classes as a tool of instruction and learning. Students are required to have an Apple laptop (from Grade 5 to 12) with a number of school provided applications installed. These applications can be downloaded from our self-service system when at school. Students must bring their laptop to school every day, fully charged.

For more information about the 1:1 Apple Laptop Programme please download this document. To order a laptop for your child please follow this link to our laptop supplier, Solution Keys.

Media Centre

The SSIS media centre is a new and exciting learning space that serves multiple purposes. First and foremost it is a modern decentralized learning space that can be booked by classes, clubs and departments. Flexible furniture, different break-out spaces and an open plan make the space suitable for learning in groups of 2 to 50.

The media centre is the main hub for promotion of the use of technology to enhance learning. SSIS employs two specialist learning technology coaches that will largely operate from the media center. Faculty can bring their classes over in case the expertise of a coach is needed and most learning technology related on-site professional development will also happen in the media centre. This will allow coaches to not only share knowledge and experience, but also model teaching in a modern environment.

Finally, learning technology used by our faculty is consolidated in the media centre and maintained by a dedicated technician. Many small and big pieces of equipment are available: Professional photo and video cameras, class sets of iPads, state of the art audio and video editing software, mixers, microphones, robotics kits, lots of Lego and much, much more.


SSIS has two libraries, one for Elementary School students and one for Secondary School students. Students of all ages are encouraged to make use of the library as a centre for learning as well as a source of reading for pleasure.

The library collections are predominantly in English, but there is a significant collection of Chinese fiction and non-fiction books as well as some books in other languages to support mother tongue language development. Numerous periodicals and several electronic research databases are also available.

The materials in both the Elementary and Secondary libraries are used primarily to support the curriculum taught in classrooms. Books and magazines are chosen to support student research and to encourage a love of literature.

Students of all ages are encouraged to make use of the library as a centre for learning as well as a source of reading for pleasure.