Early Years (PreN-PreK)

As an IB World school, we provide a holistic, child-centred, constructivist programme, which engages children in play and inquiry-based learning.

 We provide the optimum environment for progress in:

  • Social development and emotional well-being
  • Language development, including both oral and written language concepts and skills
  • Intellectual development, including the development of a range of mathematical and scientific concepts and skills
  • Aesthetic development
  • Physical development

At SSIS we believe that each child enters our school already possessing a wide range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and understandings about the world and their place within it.
It is our aim to celebrate and build on each child’s strengths, identify areas for growth and development, and work in partnership with parents to create a learning environment where all children will feel safe, supported, and successful. When children join our school, they are placed in the appropriate grade level according to their age.

Within each grade level, all children are enrolled in homeroom groups led by experienced teaching teams and supported by classroom Ayis. Each homeroom team consists of an expatriate teacher and a Chinese teacher; who plan, teach and assess learning together. In addition, children receive instruction in Chinese, Visual Arts, Music, Library and Physical Education from specialist teachers.

Our Early Years Programme

  • Respects and values each child’s voice and opinion
  • Is focused on student learning and development
  • Is differentiated according to children’s needs,
  • Takes place in a positive climate, conducive to learning
  • Develops communication skills and supports English language development
  • Engages children in meaningful inquiry
  • Encourages children to be creative and to express ideas and feelings in different ways
  • Includes teacher directed activities and child-initiated learning
  • Utilizes appropriate technology to support student learning
  • Provides opportunities for children to interact, play and engage with others; sharing ideas, cooperating and communicating feelings
  • Enables children to learn and develop understanding about the world around them in a range of developmentally appropriate ways, including play
  • Ensures that authentic assessment is integral to planning, teaching and learning by involving learners in engagements that require them to apply concepts, knowledge and skills in real world situations.
  • Provides opportunities for children to learn through field trips and excursions


In accordance with school policy, no set homework is given to Pre-Nursery to Pre-Kindergarten students, although books may be sent home for parents to read with their children. Parents will receive information about the Units of Inquiry with suggestions about possible follow-up activities which they can do at home.

Excursions and Field Trips

All grade levels have the opportunity to go for field trips during the year. Examples of these might be a trip to places of interest such as gardens, cultural centres, historical places, factories and zoological centres. These trips are linked closely to the programme of inquiry.