How to Apply

As an international school, new students join SSIS almost every week of the school year.

We do not have a specific deadline for applications however, we encourage families to send the completed student admissions application and supporting documentation as soon as is possible.

Step 1: School Tour

Nothing compares with seeing a school in action and observing its learning culture up close. However, we realize that personal visits to Suzhou aren't always practical or possible. If you can't visit SSIS before applying, we hope this site gives you an introduction to our school. To get a sense of our school in action we encourage you to view the SSIS film. Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office with any unanswered questions.

If you do visit Suzhou while considering work and schools for your child, a tour can be arranged through the Admissions Office.  Please contact us either by phone, +86 (0) 512 6258 8614, or email, to schedule an appointment. (During school time we can arrange an appointment between 8.30 am and 4.00 pm Monday to Friday. The Admissions Office is also open during most school holidays, please contact us for available times.)

Step 2: Submit an Application

Complete the Application form and return to the Admissions Office along with the required information (such as academic records and copies of passport). A member of the Admissions Office will contact you within three working days to confirm receipt.

Step 3: Placement Assessment

The placement assessment determines a student’s English language level. (Students applying for Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten attend a classroom setting so we can observe the child’s social and emotional development.)

Once the application form and supporting documentation has been received a date for the placement assessment is set. The placement assessment is usually held once the family arrives in Suzhou as there is an interview component of the assessment. (These assessments are normally held each week on a Tuesday morning during the school year.)

All students applying for SSIS are required to attend a placement assessment, except native English speakers applying for Grade 1 – Grade 5.

Step 4: Confirmation of Acceptance

Depending on the results of the placement assessment, the student is accepted and placed in the appropriate grade level. Parents are advised via email whether the student has been accepted and the date for the Orientation is confirmed.

Step 5: Orientation

This is an opportunity for students and their parents to orient themselves with the school. Students  get to meet their homeroom teacher and/or the Head of Grade and see where their classroom/s are. Secondary students will receive their weekly schedule. Final details such as bus pick up and drop off time and location are advised and uniforms and laptops collected, if required. (Orientation is usually held weekly on a Friday morning during the school year.)

Step 6: First Day

Student commences class on the following Monday.